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Charla Data Mining en la Web

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de 12:00 a 13:00


Aula E24, Pab. I

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En el marco de la Maestría sobre Data Mining, se presenta la siguiente charla:

  • Título: Mining web data: Techniques for understanding the user behavior in the Web
  • Disertante: Juan D. Velásquez, University of Tokyo
  • Resumen:

    A correct web site structure and content should help the users to find what they are looking for. However, sometimes the web site structure is complex, hiding the information and causing a "lost in hyperspace" feeling to the user. On the other hand, when the web site contains simple context, like free text only, it cannot be attractive for the user.

    How can we prepare the correct web site structure and content in the right moment for the right user? The answer is not simple and, for the moment, there are only approximations to a possible final solution.

    It seems to be that the key is in the understanding of the user behavior in a web site and using this knowledge, construct systems for personalizing the site, i.e., to adapt its structure and content for a particular user.

    Web Mining techniques have contributed to the analysis of data originated in the Web, also called web data. By applying these techniques, significant patterns about the user behavior and his/her preferences can be discovered and used to personalize the web site.

    In this tutorial, we will review the main web mining techniques used in the extraction of knowledge about the user behavior in the web, with emphasis on using hybrid and computational intelligence techniques for web mining. Some real-world applications will be presented.

  • Datos del orador:

    Juan D. Velásquez
    PhD University of Tokyo
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Industrial Engineering
    University of Chile