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TacoFlow @ SEFM 2011

TACOFLOW release for the Experimental Evaluation at SEFM 2011

TACOFLOW is an extension to the TACO Bounded Exhaustive Analysis tool.  TACOFLOW extends TACO with a dataflow analysis to remove propositional variables


  • Case Studies: The source code and specification for the case studies presented in our article ( Download )
  • Alloy specifications: The Alloy specifications output by TACO, TACO+ and TACOFlow respectively. It requires the Alloy4 Analyzer
  • The TACOFlow tool ( binary | source )
  • The bounds repository can be downloaded here

The TACOFlow technical report

The companion technical report for TACOFlow ( pdf )

Running TACOFlow

Usage: ./tacoflow.sh benchmark_classname benchmark_methodname


./tacoflow.sh examples.NodeCachingLinkedList removeIndex
./tacoflow.sh examples.TreeSet add