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ISSTA 2010 benchmark

Latest news

  • Apr 05: tar files are replaced by zip files
  • Feb 15 : All experimental data is uploaded.
  • Feb 12 : The website is online
  • Feb 11 : Due to electrical shortages, we were unable to upload experiments for Java Pathfinder, Jahob and the distributed algorithm for computing tighter upper bounds. We expect to solve this issue in the coming days.


Below we provide the necessary information to reproduce all sequential experiments presented in our article. We have avoided describing in detail the requirements and installation instructions for each tool. In order to correctly install the tools, please refer to corresponding tool installation instructions.

Anonymous technical support

In order to preserve the referee identity we have created a gmail address: issta2010.referee@gmail.com. The password is "isstareferee". Please, feel free to email us any question regarding the instructions using this address.

ISSTA 2010 Experiments

We have separated the instructions and data to replay the experiments by tool. Please, refer to the corresponding link for the desired experiment to reproduce.