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Relational Formal Methods Group


The Relational Formal Methods Research Group (RFM) research is aimed at several areas of software engineering, such as formal language design, language analysis, software verification & validation, and automated generation of test cases.

Our Tools

  • DynAlloy An Efficient Extension of Alloy with Procedural Actions
  • Dynamite proving system A complete theorem prover for Alloy based on PVS, and that uses the Alloy Analyzer to improve the theorem proving experience
  • Alloy_HotCore A Fast approximation to Unsat Core
  • TACO: Translation of Annotated COde : an analysis tool that statically checks the compliance of a Java program against its Java Modeling Language (JML) specification

Our Publications

A detailed list of publications may be found here


Contact Us

  • rfm (AT) dc (DOT) uba (DOT) ar