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Curso Dr. Marcin Kamiński


Instructor: Marcin Kamiński, Département d’Informatique, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, Marcin.Kaminski@ulb.ac.be
Language of instruction: English

Course description

This course is an introduction to advanced topics in algorithmic graph theory. It focuses on design of efficient algorithms for hard graphtheoretic problems in classes of instances on which structural restrictions have been imposed. We will see how to turn combinatorial properties of graphs in such classes into efficient algorithms. We assume basic knowledge (undergraduate level) of graph theory and complexity theory. We will review the basics and present classic results but the emphasis will be placed on current research in the area with both the theory and applications in mind.

Course structure

  1. What algorithms are efficient?
    1. Polynomial-time algorithms (1hr)
    2. Approximation algorithms (1hr)
    3. Fixed-parameter tractable algorithms (1hr)
  2. Forbidding (induced) subgraphs
    1. Classes of graphs obtained by forbidding induced subgraphs (3hrs)
    2. Strong Perfect Graph Theorem (1hr)
    3. Structural theorems for claw-free graphs (1hr)
    4. Clique-width (1hr)
  3. Topological restrictions
    1. Planar graphs (2hrs)
    2. Graphs embeddable on surfaces (1hr)
    3. Tree-width (1hr)
    4. Theory of graph minors (2hrs)
There will be five 3-hour lectures.
Lecture 1: 1(a)-(c)
Lecture 2: 2(a)
Lecture 3: 2(b)-(d)
Lecture 4: 3(a)-(b)
Lecture 5: 3(c)-(d) 
Grading. The final grade will be based on a homework assignment to be completed after the course and sent to the instructor by email.

Previous edition of the course

For the previous edition of the course (including slides) visit: http://rutcor.rutgers.edu/mkaminski/AGTcourse


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