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Curso Dr. Ahmed Bouajjani

Algorithmic Techniques for Program Verification



The design of automatic program verification techniques is highly challeng- ing both from the theoretical and practical point of view. The sources of complexity are multiple, concerning aspects related to (1) the used control primitives such as procedure calls, recursion, concurrency, dynamic creations of tasks, etc., as well as aspects related to (2) the dependency from data over infinite domains and the manipulation of (dynamic) data structures. The design of formal program verification methods requires the development of techniques allowing to handle infinite-state models (due the unboundedness of both control and data structures) that are beyond the capabilities of the standard finite-state model-checking algorithms. The aim of this course is to present a broad view on the existing algorithmic verification techniques for various classes of programs, including sequential programs with recursive procedure calls, concurrent programs with dynamic creation of tasks, and programs manipulating infinite data and unbounded data structures.


The course is composed of the five following lectures:

  1. Programs with procedure calls Recursive state machines. Pushdown systems (PDS). Proce- dure summarization. Automata-based reachability analysis. Model-checking. [BEM97, ABE+05, ABE12].  
  2. Concurrent programs with dynamic creation of tasks (Part 1) Petri nets/Vector addition systems. State reachability, coverability. Communicating pushdown systems. Constrained dynamic networks of pushdown systems. [BMOT05, BE06].
  3. Concurrent programs with dynamic creation of tasks (Part 2) Asynchronous programs. (Recursively Parallel Programs.) Context-bounded analysis. Sequentialization. [SV06, LR09, LMP10, BEP11, BE12]
  4. Programs with integer data Abstraction, acceleration techniques, (pattern-based invari- ant synthesis). [GS97, McM05, WB98, BIL06, SSM04] 
  5. Programs with dynamic linked lists/unbounded arrays Decidable logics for pre-post-condition reasoning: Small model property, automata-based approach [BDES09, HIV08]


[ABE+ 05]

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