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Foundations of software specification and development: an abstract overview


  • Andrzej Tarlecki, Institute of Informatics, Warsaw Universityn and Institute of ComputerScience, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland




Noche (19 a 22 hs)


Útil pero no indispensable: Conocimientos rudimentarios o básicos de álgebra universal y teoría de las categorías.


The long-term goal of work in the area of formal specification and development of software is to provide a precise basis to support systematic development of software from specifications by means of verified refinements, resulting in well-structured, well-specified and correct software systems. During this course I will present my overview of this area, based on the work done in collaboration with Don Sannella and others.

  • Underlying logical framework: basic algebraic framework; first-order logic; elements of category theory; institutions.
  • Specifications: basic and structured specifications; proof systems for specifications.
  • Program development: simple refinements; constructor refinements; local constructions in global refinement steps; architectural specifications.
  • Observational approach: observational/behavioural interpretation of specifications, refinements, and architectural specifications; local correctness and stability.
  • Heterogeneous specifications: maps between institutions; focused heterogeneous specifications; distributed heterogeneous specifications.
  • Conclusions.

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