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Charla de Jure Leskovec

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de 16:00 a 18:00


Aula E24

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Tenemos el agrado de invitarlos a la charla "Exploring the Structure of Massive On-Line Networks"a cargo de Jure Leskovec que se llevará a cabo el lunes 26 de agosto a las 16 hs. Aula a confirmar, Pabellón 1.

Jure Leskovec es investigador y docente de la Universidad de Stanford, miembro del Info Lab y del AI Lab y uno de los principales referentes internacionales en el estudio de redes informacionales y grafos sociales de gran escala.

La actividad está dirigida a alumnos, docentes e investigadores del DC; alumnos y docentes de Data Mining y público en general interesado en el tema.

TITLE: Exploring the Structure of Massive On-Line Networks


Social interactions of hundreds of millions of people on the Web create massive digital traces, which can naturally be represented, studied and analyzed as massive networks of interactions. By computationally analyzing such network data we can study phenomena that were once essentially invisible to us: the social interactions and collective behavior of hundreds of millions of people. In this talk we discuss how computational perspectives and mathematical models can be developed to abstract online social phenomena like: How will a community or a social network evolve in the future? What are life stages of a user in the community and how can we predict user's ultimate lifespan in the community? And last, how do we design incentives that promote desired user behavior in online communities?


Jure Leskovec is assistant professor of Computer Science at Stanford University where he is a member of the Info Lab and the AI Lab. His research focuses on mining large social and information networks. Problems he investigates are motivated by large scale data, the Web and on-line media. This research has won several awards including best paper awards at KDD, WSDM, ICDM and ASCE Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, ACM KDD dissertation award, Microsoft Research Faculty Fellowship, as well as Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship and Okawa Foundation Research grant. Jure received his bachelor's degree in computer science from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Ph.D. in machine learning from the Carnegie Mellon University and postdoctoral training at Cornell University. You can follow him on Twitter @jure.

Quedan todos cordialmente invitados.