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general information

acm icpc
acm icpc sponsors. IBM / international collegiate programming contest. accenture UBA

What is it?

The 33rd ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest organized by ACM and sponsored by IBM is the oldest, largest, and most prestigious programming contest in the world.

The contest fosters creativity, teamwork, and innovation in building new software programs, and enables students to test their ability to perform under pressure.

The international contest starts with regional contests, from which the teams for ACM-ICPC World Finals are yearly selected.

Considering all the levels of competition in 2007, 6700 teams from 1821 universities from 83 different countries participated, and 100 from them participated in the finals in Banff, Canada in 2008.

During the last eight years, teams from Argentina have qualified in the South American Regional in one of the three first places, and have partipated in the World Finals, obtaining in many opportunities distinguished places.

Where and when?

  • On Saturday November 15, 2008, the South American Regional Contest will be held simultaneously in many sites in Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia.
  • One of the sites of the South American Regional Contest will be the Department of Computer Science of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires, who has the support of Accenture Argentina.
  • The first teams of the South American Regional will participate in the World Finals, which will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, in April 2009. During the last years, 8 South American teams have participated in the World Finals.

Contest aspects

  • The contest consists in proposing solutions and writing programs that pass certain test cases. For every program that pass the test cases there is a score. The time spent in solving each problem counts as a penalty in case of tie.
  • There will be at least 6 problems and 5 hours to solve them and one computer per team. The problem statements will be in English.
  • It is allowed to participate up to 3 teams per faculty of 3 members each, from any university of Argentina or from any other South American country.
  • Accenture will give a prize to the three members of the winner team of Argentina. If they attend to the international contest, the prize will be the three flight tickets to Stockholm.
  • The available languages are Java and C/C++.

Registration, problems from past contests and more information

  • To participate in the contests, the teams must register, from September 22, via the ACM web page http://icpc.baylor.edu/icpc . It is not necessary to specify the team member names. That can be done at the end in order to give to each university the possibility to select the teams according to their criteria.
  • Check participation conditions, see Regional Rules at http://icpc.baylor.edu/icpc
  • More details about the regional contest and statements of past contests at: http://www.dc.uba.ar/icpc
  • Should you have any question, please contact irene @ dc.uba.ar

SITE: Department of Computer Science - Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences - University of Buenos Aires